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Get Ready to Be Amazed, Brookline: WOW Barbecue Could Be on Its Way

The food truck-to-restaurant group is going before the licensing board later this month.

WOW Barbecue Malden
WOW Barbecue Malden

The growing Chinese barbecue vendor WOW Barbecue is closer to flooring the town of Brookline: A town employee confirmed this morning that the company, known as the Barbecue Lamb Brothers, has applied for all forms of licensing to operate at 320 Washington St. A Chowhound poster provided the tip yesterday.

According to the employee, the Barbecue Lamb Brothers are looking to open a 76-seat WOW Barbecue restaurant in the space, which most recently housed Zen320 Sushi. The proposed hours of operation are daily from 11:30 a.m. - 2 a.m., with booze starting to flow at noon.

WOW Barbecue has a small fleet of food trucks, and its first brick-and-mortar location opened last year in Malden. From the road, it offers a variety of barbecue skewers, including lamb, chicken, quail egg, and cabbage. The existing restaurant has a full menu of a la carte items and entrees, including its signature spicy pot, a chili oil and Chinese-spiced "healthy and colorful mix" of seafood and seasonal vegetables.

The licensing hearing is scheduled for May 19, the town employee said.