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Downeast Is Cider House-Hunting

The company has outgrown its Charlestown digs.

Downeast Cider House in December 2013
Downeast Cider House in December 2013

Downeast Cider Company is actively seeking a bigger production facility, BostInno reports. Currently located in Charlestown, the team is looking for a 15,000 to 25,000-square foot space that is accessible to visitors, co-founder Ross Brockman told the website. "In a perfect world we'd stay in Charlestown, but there's not a ton of good space for us here," he said.

Founded by two Bates College alums in 2011, Downeast moved to its current, 9,000-square foot warehouse underneath the Tobin Bridge in 2013. In the ensuing years, the company has maxed out the space in its tank room with the last two additions installed late in April, Brockman discusses on the company blog. He also talks about feeling like he's constantly hiring, which is "one of the most frustrating parts of fast growth."

The Inno piece doesn't confirm how much cider Downeast is currently producing, nor does it indicate what level the founders would like to reach, but it says moving to a larger space would increase its tank capacity and improve tour and tasting capabilities. The founders are open to buying second-hand tanks to keep costs low; Brockman says he sees hubris on the part of some breweries' lofty expansion goals. "I think these guys let their egos run wild on over-the-top tap rooms and unnecessarily expensive (new) equipment so they can flex their muscles and say 'look how cool we are.'"

The team was reportedly in talks to lease a building at the Boston Shipyard and Marina, but plans fell through, according to BostInno. Downeast is in Charlestown for the foreseeable future, but if you know of any giant, empty warehouses near the city, hit 'em up.

Downeast Cider House

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