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UPDATED: Water Main Erupts at Townsman and Forces Friday Closure

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No one was hurt, but some bar patrons got soaked.

Katie Chudy for Eater Boston

Townsman, the Financial District brasserie that chef Matt Jennings opened earlier this year, has unexpectedly closed for today and perhaps longer, because a water main erupted over the bar last night.

Video by Caroline Feeney, shared on Twitter, shows the water gushing, and 7 News reporter Susan Tran said bar patrons got soaked but no one was injured. By the time first responders got to the scene, some areas of the restaurant were filled with 10 inches of water, she reported. The emergency apparently affected Townsman's phone lines; the restaurant noted on Facebook that they're currently down. It also put a damper on a lot of graduation celebrations, but bar manager Sean Frederick told 7 News they have had "a lot of luck" salvaging people's plans with the help of "friends and neighbors."

As of last night, it wasn't clear how long Townsman would stay closed. With perhaps the best typo of 2015, Townsman said they look forward to "hosing" guests again soon.

UPDATE: Townsman reopened on Saturday, May 30.


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