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Up to 10 Checkers Could Bring More Burgers to the Boston Area by 2016

Greater Boston is definitely an "under-penetrated market" for burger chains.

A Checkers franchise with seating in New York City
A Checkers franchise with seating in New York City

The Florida-based burger chain Checkers has been rumored to be scouting Boston for a couple years now, and the Boston Business Journal reports that the company is getting serious. It aims to identify franchise partners by the end of this year, and next year, the region could have between five and 10 Checkers. With the goal of 10 new outlets per year, the brand eventually wants 50 Massachusetts locations.

Newly-constructed Checkers can be built on less than half an acre of land, as the restaurant has a drive-through-only template. But the company's vice president for franchise development said they would be interested in conversion projects, too, which could include sit-down space. The veep also said she believes Boston is an "under-penetrated market for a lot of franchises." Whether that's true or not, there's no denying Boston loves its fast-casual burger spots.

Along with its sister brand, Rally's, the Checkers company has more than 800 quick-service burger chains scattered in 30 states, BBJ reports. Its menu includes seared burgers, chicken and fish sandwiches, grilled hot dogs, chicken wings, seasoned fries, and ice cream desserts.