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Maps Galore! Must-See Public Art; Dot, Watertown Development

It's time for the weekly real estate update from Curbed Boston.

Watertown development rendering
Watertown development rendering
Boylston Properties and Spagnolo Gisness & Associates

WATERTOWN — There is so much going up or in the planning stages in previously sleepy Watertown that it was time to update our new-development heatmap there.

DORCHESTER — In Dot, the new development is happening along the Red Line. Check out this map of where some 1,300 apartments and condos are going.

HUB-WIDE — Bored? Need some inspiration or means of reflection? Then jump through to our updated public art heatmap and discover the must-see murals, sculptures and more of the summer.

DOWNTOWN BOSTON — Take a long, envious look inside the priciest Boston rental not in the Taj hotel: this penthouse in the Mandarin Oriental.