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Construction to Start on Rozzie Substation for 2016 Restaurant Opening

The historic streetcar substation will house a Craft Beer Cellar and a restaurant called Third Rail.

Rendering of the renovated substation
Rendering of the renovated substation
Rendering: The Peregrine Group, Inc./Roslindale Village Main Street

Roslindale Village Main Street and Historic Boston, Inc. led a tour of the historic, defunct former streetcar substation in Roslindale earlier this week, and the non-profit owners said renovations would begin in earnest next month to ready the space for a future Craft Beer Cellar as well as a new restaurant from a local chef and restaurateur. The building was erected in 1911 and was decommissioned in 1971, and it has lain dormant ever since.

Universal Hub reports that the beer store could open by the end of this year, while Third Rail, a new venture from Chris Douglass (Ashmont GrillTavolo), is poised for a spring 2016 debut.

Third Rail

4228 Washington St., Roslindale, MA 02131