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Dudley Cafe Will Cozy Up Renovated Roxbury Municipal Building

The historic building will also have a Tasty Burger and a new pizzeria.

Dudley Cafe under construction this month
Dudley Cafe under construction this month

Construction is complete on the Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building in Dudley Square, and a place called Dudley Cafe is poised to open there late this summerThe coffeeshop and convenience store is the latest project from Solmon Chowdhury, the Boston Globe reports. Chowdhury and his wife, Rokeya, own Shanti in Dorchester and Roslindale, as well as Moksa in Cambridge.

Dudley Cafe will join Tasty Burger and Dudley Dough, a cooperative pizzeria from Haley House, in the former Ferdinand Furniture Co. building. (Haley House also operates a nearby cafe, but its pizzeria is unrelated to the similarly-named Dudley Cafe.) The first floor of the Bolling building is 18,000 square feet; in addition to the three named food purveyors, there will also be an eyecare shop and a clothing boutique. The City of Boston is still seeking a "destination restaurant" for the prominent, 7,800-square foot corner, according to the Globe.

The Bolling building is a public investment that the city hopes will fuel Dudley Square's economic revival. A public-private business incubator and the City of Boston public school district will call it home.

Dudley Cafe is currently hiring all positions, including baristas, managers, and back-of-house staff. It promises comfy armchairs and couches, and with a location adjacent to the Dudley Square MBTA station, it will offer "commuters a place for a quick bite to eat, a study spot with coffee, [and] after work wine sips."

Bruce C. Bolling Municipal Building

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