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Waypoint Has Opponents in Cambridge; Licensing Is on Hold

"A parade" of Cambridge residents objects to the proposed location for Scelfo's third venture.

1030 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
1030 Mass. Ave., Cambridge
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The Cambridge Licensing Commission put any decisions regarding Michael Scelfo's proposed venture Waypoint on hold last night after "a parade" of nearby residents attended the meeting to object to the plan, Cambridge Day reports. (The Day also confirmed that Waypoint will be a seafood restaurant.)

"We are not in Harvard Square. That’s the whole point," a Green Street resident said during the hearing. "We are on the cutting edge of a residential neighborhood, protecting residents from Massachusetts Avenue, and now and then we have to take a stand."

The proposed, 145-seat restaurant, first reported about a month ago, is on the outskirts of the bustling square, abutting Green Street. On the ground floor of an office building that houses labs, 1030 Mass. Ave was previously the site of Little Market and Barsamian's Gourmet Shop, but it has been vacant for some time. "Neighbors there have bad memories of the traffic, smells and sounds of venting and refrigeration from now-defunct businesses," the Day notes.

Scelfo's lawyer, James Rafferty, suggested the commission delay any decision until Scelfo has a chance to talk through residents' fears with them.