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Island Creek Oyster Bar Will Expand to Burlington

The growing family of restaurants is also on the verge of debuting a Row 34 sequel up north.

Island Creek Oyster Bar, Kenmore Square
Island Creek Oyster Bar, Kenmore Square

With a new Row 34 opening shortly in Portsmouth and Branch Line in the works for Watertown, the team behind Eastern StandardIsland Creek Oyster Bar, etc. is quite busy these days. (Not everyone is involved with every single restaurant in the family, but Garrett Harker is at the center of it all.) Add one more upcoming project to the list: five-year-old Island Creek Oyster Bar is expanding to Burlington, Boston Magazine reports.

Opening at some point in 2016, it will be located in a new development called The District, and the usual suspects will be involved in the project: Jeremy Sewall, Skip Bennett, Harker, Shore Gregory, and Jackson Cannon.

Island Creek Oyster Bar

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