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Flat Black Coffee to Keep Long Wharf Caffeinated

The local coffee chain is adding another location.

Flat Black in Dorchester's Lower Mills
Flat Black in Dorchester's Lower Mills

Flat Black Coffee Company — a twelve-year-old, Boston-based coffee roaster, retailer, and wholesaler — is adding another cafe to its roster, which already includes five locations spread throughout the Financial District and Dorchester. The newest outpost will be at 255 State St., right by the New England Aquarium and Long Wharf, Boston Restaurant Talk reports, citing a tweet from @ConciergeBoston. The address was previously home to a location of the Emack & Bolio's ice cream chain.

Flat Black focuses on single-origin coffees. The company name comes from a "loose translation" of the Australian term for an Americano, according to Flat Black's website. "Australians have an unpretentious, yet unabashed, obsession with fine espresso-based coffee culture, and Flat Black is an homage to that spirit."