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Tenoch Is Still Coming to Davis Square, But Actually to the Former M3 Space

Bye, Kickass Cupcakes location takeover.

Tenoch in the North End
Tenoch in the North End

Tenoch Mexican is in the process of opening a third brick-and-mortar location, this one in Davis Square, as previously reported, but the company won't be moving into the former Kickass Cupcakes storefront after all. Owner Alvaro Sandoval said the company is making moves to open up at 382 Highland Ave., where the Southern restaurant M3 used to be.

"It's a better fit for us," he said, when reached by phone at the Medford Tenoch this morning.

In February, the windows at 378 Highland Ave., the former Kickass Cupcakes, were papered over with news that Tenoch Mexican was coming soon. Earlier this week, some of the paper was removed, and a "For Rent" sign went up instead. Sandoval said people walking by 382 Highland Ave. will see Tenoch paper again soon enough; he is currently readying the paperwork for the Somerville Licensing Commission and hopes to be on a hearing agenda soon.

"It's a bigger space," he said of 382 Highland Ave., and as a former restaurant, the interior better suits Tenoch's needs. Once his company gets its paperwork in order, "We'll make a few changes inside, nothing major. Just some personal touches," he said. He declined to suggest a specific opening timeline but said the Davis Square Tenoch could be a few months away at the most once they get inside. Stay tuned.

Tenoch Mexican is based in Medford and opened up a North End outpost last year. It also has a food truck, Tenoch Movil. In addition to the requisite tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and quesadillas, it offers well-regarded tortas.