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Tres Gatos and Asta Alum Launches Catering Company

Nevin Taylor and Beth Herbert's new company, Della's, will host a few dinners at Asta in June.

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Nevin Taylor, most recently chef at Tres Gatos and also an alum of Asta, Toro, Coppa, and L'Espalier, is launching a new company called Della's with his girlfriend Beth Herbert, who has spent the last four years as a bartender at Coppa. Operating out of CommonWealth Kitchen (which until very recently was called CropCircle Kitchen), Della's will cater events, and Taylor tells Eater that the duo hopes to eventually add retail as well — sauces and salads. They're also hosting dinners, including three at Asta in June (6/1, 6/15, 6/29).

The Asta dinners will be family-style, each with a different theme, starting with pizza and oysters on June 1 and eggplant lasagna on June 15. Each will also include a variety of sides and spreads. "The focus of the dinners to be a fun, casual, good time," says Taylor, "bringing people together, communal tables and everyone serving themselves."

Tickets for the first two dinners are now available on Eventbrite for $50/person each.


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