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After Fewer Than Six Months, Rosso B. Has Closed Its Doors

The Sicilian eatery didn't last long.

Rosso B
Rosso B

The Boston Globe confirms what a Chowhound user reported earlier this month: Rosso B. has already shuttered.

The pizza place opened near Faneuil Hall just this past January, as previously reported. With a Sicilian chef and a menu that also included prosciutto panini, arancini di carne, fettuccine carbonara, and more, Rosso B. earned positive reviews for authenticity during its short lifespan. "Those crispy $2 slices really were tasty," the Globe's Kara Baskin writes. But owner Antonio Lucente-Stabile told the newspaper that he has no current plans to rejoin the restaurant world.

rosso b

Hanover, Boston, MA (857) 991-1270