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Expect Bone Up Brewing Company Later This Year

June might be "hilariously improbable," but they're trying.

Bone Up Brewing Company taproom under construction
Bone Up Brewing Company taproom under construction
Official Site

Coming to Everett sometime this year, Bone Up Brewing Company recently updated its fans to say that the production facility and taproom will open "hopefully soon." On the active company blog, Jared and Liz "Jimbo" Kiraly, the husband-and-wife duo behind Bone Up, said licensing and buildout are the two not-surprising factors holding them up. Their targeted June opening date has slid down to "hilariously improbable," but they still hope to open sometime this summer.

The company's Massachusetts brewer's license has been filed with the Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission, and the Kiralys have submitted supplementary documents. Local approval will be sought once plumbing and a floor re-do is complete at the brewery, located on Tileston Street.

When it does open the doors, Bone Up Brewing will offer American styles brewed with Belgian techniques. The products will be easy-drinking and approachable, the website says. Some pilot batches so far have included a "premium ale" called Extra Naked and a robust porter called Shut Up Kelly, an homage to a girl the brewers knew who "didn't like dark beers" until she tried their porter. She proceeded to tell them that story every time they talked about brewing, so there you go.

While all festivities are dependent on securing requisite legal permits, the team has some fun ideas in mind for the future, including a beer garden, food truck festivals, chili cook-offs, and live music. They also dream of creating specialty brews for local restaurants, bars, and betrothed people.