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Boston Is Apparently Thirsty for Juice, and Kwench Is Coming to Fix That

Not nearly enough juice around these parts, amirite?

Kwench Juice CafeJuice is the word this year, and there's a brand new, locally grown bar on the way. Kwench Juice Cafe is hosting an open house for all positions on May 19, in advance of opening in the Financial District sometime this spring. It apparently has plans for franchising opportunities in the future.

Located at 230 Congress St., the shop will cater to a business crowd with juices, smoothies, and acai bowls. The sparse-but-active Facebook page indicates the new company strives to be a part of its customers' healthy lifestyle. It says Boston is thirsty for juice, which may or may not be entirely false, and it is coming to #kwench that thirst.

[Photo: Facebook]