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Alleged Tip Thief Caught on Video at Foumami Being a Total Alleged Jerk

"To the man who stole our tip jar: Buddha forgives...However, Janine does not," the restaurant posted on Facebook.


Fóumami, a four-year-old "Asian sandwich bar" in the Financial District, serves weekday breakfast and lunch to nice people who like things like pork loin sandwiches, wasabi Caesar salads, and sesame noodles.

And to one jerk who allegedly snatched the tip jar.

The restaurant has shared security footage of a customer who appears to nonchalantly swipe the tip jar into his bag while an employee's back is turned. Know anything? Let Fóumami know.

Fóumami - Asian Sandwich Bar

225 Franklin Street, Boston, MA 02110 617-426-8858