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Rami's Food Truck Hits the Road (Again) Next Monday

Glatt kosher Israeli and Middle Eastern food on wheels.

Rami's Food Truck
Rami's Food Truck

Rami's Food Truck launched in November — and quickly came back off the road after just two shifts because of a fire. Next Monday, April 13, the team is giving it another go with a brand new truck, according to a press release. Rami's Food Truck is owned and operated by Ari Kendall and Matthew Pultman, longtime fans of the Brookline restaurant Rami's. They've licensed the name; the truck's food, all glatt kosher, will be made in the restaurant's kitchen.

In addition to falafel, shawarma, kabobs, and the like, the duo will also offer juices and salads from Rami's sister restaurant, Pure Cold Press Juice & Salads, which is opening later in April right next to Rami's.

Rami's Food Truck currently has shifts scheduled for Monday lunch at City Hall Plaza, Tuesday dinner at Stuart Street (between Dartmouth and Trinity), Wednesday dinner at Milk and Kilby Street, Thursday dinner in front of the China Trade Building in Chinatown, and Sunday dinner at Clarendon Street, by Trinity Church. It'll also appear at SOWA for ten dates, starting on May 10 and ending on October 18. Up-to-date info will appear on Twitter as the season progresses.