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A Meatball Shop Is Coming to Somerville's Davis Square

The new Boston Nightlife Ventures venture is apparently not another Griddler's.

Certified Meatball Company
Certified Meatball Company

A new Boston Nightlife Ventures restaurant is coming to 261 Elm St. in Davis Square, formerly a Chinese restaurant called Dragon Garden, as previously reported. Since the growing group had previously expressed that their two-location Griddler's Burgers and Dogs brand would expand more, it initially looked like that could be what was headed for the Somerville space.

But, as noted by Boston Restaurant Talk, BNV owner Euz Azevedo recently mentioned on Twitter that their "next concept" would be opening there. Sure enough, someone in the Davis Square LiveJournal community dug up a Facebook page for a new restaurant located at that address, and it's not Griddler's. Say hello to Certified Meatball Company.

Apart from a meatball-shaped logo and parked web domain, the restaurant hasn't shared much information yet. It's categorized as a "family style restaurant" and "Italian restaurant" on Facebook — and one might assume the focus will be meatballs.

Certified Meatball Company

429 West Broadway, South Boston, MA 02127 Visit Website