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Eastern Standard Personnel Propose Something New in Watertown

Garrett Harker and Andrew Holden are behind a new venture, currently called Boilerplate.

Near 311 Arsenal St., Watertown
Near 311 Arsenal St., Watertown
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A place potentially called Boilerplate, located in the Arsenal on the Charles complex, was approved for a new common victualler's license during a Watertown Licensing Board meeting earlier this month, an employee in the city's clerk's office confirmed today. It can also receive a wine and malt license transfer. Minutes from the April 16 meeting will not be made publicly available until after they are approved at a May 21 hearing, she added.

Eastern Standard Kitchen owner Garrett Harker and general manager Andrew Holden organized Boilerplate, LLC in March, Massachusetts corporations records show. Harker, who is also behind Island Creek Oyster Barthe HawthorneRow 34, and a forthcoming Row 34 outpost in Portsmouth, N.H., was a 2015 James Beard Award semifinalist for Outstanding Restaurateur. The Watertown city employee said the proposed venture came from a group that has a popular restaurant on Commonwealth Ave., where most of Harker's businesses are located.

The space has yet to be built at 311 Arsenal St. in Watertown. Boilerplate, or whatever the future place ends up being called, will be constructed where there is currently parking, the city employee said. While the local licensing board gave its OK, Boilerplate needs to be approved by the Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission before any other steps are taken, she said.

This venture is separate from a previously-announced beer garden, proposed at 321 Arsenal St. That establishment's name has not yet been confirmed.