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Strip-T’s Now Becomes an ‘Izakaya’ at Night

The Watertown restaurant has debuted a new dinner menu, offered Monday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Cal Bingham for Eater

Strip-T’s owner Paul Maslow shares the restaurant’s new “izakaya”-inspired dinner menu, noting that some of the Watertown spot’s more “iconic” dishes — oxtail salad, Moxie wings, smoked miso burger, Japanese sweet potato wedges, and eggplant banh mi — are still available, not to mention the 29-year-old Caesar salad.

The restaurant has undergone a few changes in focus in recent years, ultimately returning to its more casual roots back in October.

But now on the new side, look for ramen, offered in multiple varieties and with several different add-on toppings. There are also other Japanese-inspired snacks. (An izakaya is a casual Japanese venue where drinking is the focus and the food tends to be in the snacking realm.)

Here's the new menu:

New Strip-T's menu

Strip-T's Restaurant

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