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Opening Report: Underfire; Noodles & Company; Revolution Kitchen; RED FIN Crudo + Kitchen

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A few new places to eat in Boston and beyond.

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RED FIN Crudo + Kitchen
RED FIN Crudo + Kitchen

1) BACK BAY — Underfire, which is logically named, is now open under the Berkeley Street location of Fire + Ice. Diners can sear a few entrees on stones heated to 600 degrees. The menu also features burgers and tacos. Status: Certified open. 205 Berkeley St., Boston. (617) 482-3473.

2) WESTWOOD — Noodles & Company, a Colorado-based chain beginning to expand rapidly in the Boston area, opened its newest shop on Friday, its third in Massachusetts. The fast-casual restaurant features a variety of noodle-based dishes that play on various themes from around the world, from Wisconsin mac & cheese to Indonesian peanut saute. Status: Certified open. 125 University Ave., Westwood. (781) 234-0660.

3) WOBURN — Revolution Kitchen opened last month, serving breakfast and lunch (and catering to offices in the area). "Iced coffee is religion to us," the team promises, and the Facebook page suggests a strong focus on sandwiches. Not open on weekends. Status: Certified open. 161 Merrimac St., Woburn. (781) 939-6977.

4) PROVIDENCE — Avid fans of reality television cooking shows may recognize RED FIN Crudo + Kitchen owners Julio Lazzarini and Jenny Behm-Lazzarini from Chopped and MasterChef respectively. RED FIN has just emerged from its soft opening period, and the Lazzarinis are serving up "New England-meets-Latin" cuisine with a focus on seafood. Status: Certified open. 71 Washington St., Providence. (401) 454-1335.