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Fast Casual Beta Burger Opening in Mission Hill This Summer

"... the Chipotle of the beef-and-bun segment ..."

Future Site of BetaBurger
Future Site of BetaBurger
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Former Morgan Stanley advisor Adrian Wong wants to revolutionize how fast-casual burger restaurants operate. Wong was fascinated with the production line at Chipotle and thought he could bring that sort of assembly to burgers. Boston Globe interviewed Wong about his idea for his forthcoming restaurant Beta Burger.

Wong wants Beta Burger to become "the Chipotle of the beef-and-bun segment." This fast-casual eatery will be unique because it will use a water vapor oven to keep the patties moist — according to Boston Globe, it's the same technology KFC uses on its chicken. Wong will borrow the idea of a customization line from Chipotle "to create countless varieties of dishes."

Beta Burger will launch this summer at 1437 Tremont St.