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Burlington Eatery Osteria Nino Tests New Pizza and Pasta Equipment

"... inspired by the kitchens of Rome ..."

Osteria Nino rendering
Osteria Nino rendering

Team members at upcoming Italian restaurant Osteria Nino are in the kitchen and testing all the new machines and ovens. From the dough mixer, to the pasta extruder, to the rotisserie, it all has to be up and running in time for Burlington eatery's opening.

Executive chef Walace Benica (spotted in the photos) is an alum of Tuscan Kitchen and Prince Pizza. According to Facebook,  Osteria Nino is "inspired by the kitchens of Rome," pairing "the best of Italian tradition" with "the bounty of New England."

The restaurant plans open at 19 Third Ave., Burlington in about two weeks and hopes to hit a May 4 deadline.