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Chicken and Rice Guys Open Up Shop Downtown on Monday

Complete with a chance to score a lifetime of free chicken and rice.

Chicken and Rice Guys
Chicken and Rice Guys

After launching four successful food trucks around Boston, the Chicken and Rice Guys have opened their first brick-and-mortar location at 85 Bedford St. in Boston. The take-out spot softly opened yesterdayBoston Restaurant Talk reported, and Monday, April 27 will be its first day of business.

In celebration of their first permanent shop, the Chicken and Rice Guys are hosting a "Willy Wonka style" contest during the grand opening from 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. on Monday for a chance to win a free plate of their signature dish every day for the rest of time.

The team has a Medford location in the works, as well, but when Korean fried chicken restaurant InBoston shuttered over the winter, the Guys jumped on the vacant storefront. "It was built out: We had to put one grill in, one oven, and submit the permits to the City of Boston, whereas Medford is a complete demo," said CNR senior business manager Damien Yee. Construction is ongoing, and Yee estimated it could be ready by August. The Medford location will be the company's home base and commissary kitchen, he added.

The downtown spot is take-out only and for now, it's open 11 a.m. - 3 p.m. Monday - Friday. Yee said he and the Guys are open to extending the hours if that's what customers want, so make your voice heard if you want more access to chicken and rice on Bedford Street.