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CloverHFI Opens at Noon Today with Free Sandwiches

Get in line now.

CloverHFI at 496 Mass. Ave.
CloverHFI at 496 Mass. Ave.
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CloverHFI was just approved by the City of Cambridge to start serving food at noon today, and the line is already forming outside 496 Massachusetts Ave., a Clover representative said.

The sixth brick-and-mortar Clover location will be Cambridge's first (and so far, only) 24-hour restaurant, though non-stop access to chickpea fritters will begin at 7 a.m. this Friday, April 24. In just a few minutes, the shop will open with free sandwiches, available until they run out. Any donations made will go toward a CSA scholarship program for low-income families in Central Square, the Clover rep said.

Clover's food menu won't be available in Central Square tomorrow, but the store, located right across the street from the Middle East nightclub in the former HiFi Pizza space, will host an open house. Coffee and homemade doughnuts will be available in the morning, and there's a pinball machine, so get on that.

When CloverHFI opens for good on Friday, breakfast begins at 7 a.m., the lunch menu kicks in at noon, and midnight offerings begin at the witching hour. Expect Clover's signature chickpea fritters in plate and sandwich form, fries, Grillo's pickles, apple fritters, and breakfast sandwiches, the Boston Globe notes. There will also be a retail area, with take-home Clover items; groceries from the chain's suppliers, including Grafton Cheddar and Backyard Farms Tomatoes; and foodie books and magazines.


496 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA