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The Barmobile Seeks Crowdfunding to Get Road (Soda) Ready

The party will come to you.

The Barmobile
The Barmobile

Now is your chance to help a mobile cocktail bar set out on its "never-ending quest for fun, cocktails, and the American way."

That promise lies within a video announcing The Barmobile's $35,000 Kickstarter campaign. As previously reported, The Barmobile is a 1950s-era Flxible Airliner that a familiar trio of local bar personnel are revamping into a mobile, cocktail catering service. Kevin Mabry, most recently the beverage director at jm Curley and Merrill & Co., left his dayjob in February to man the wheel, Boston Magazine reports. Suzie Dagenais (jm Curley) and Domingo-Martin Barreres (Bogie's Place) round out the team.

The plan is to outfit the 30-foot bus with two wells, four tap lines, back bar coolers, and an on-board VIP lounge, and bring it to music festivals, sporting events, and private parties. Six times a year, the Barmobile can also apply for a one-day license to serve liquor in public, the Kickstarter page notes. The money the team is seeking will go toward fixing up the classic set of wheels. It needs a new diesel engine, transmission, and power steering system; plus new brakes and tires. They are also going to install a power generator.

Donor incentives include the usual swag like T-shirts and key chains. Larger investments yield tickets to an exclusive launch party; a private, mobile cocktail class; and maybe even your named engraved on a plaque. The Barmobile team has until May 15 to reach its goal.

jm Curley

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Merrill & Co.

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Bogie's Place

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