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Boston Chefs Reveal the Local Restaurants With the Best Burger Sides

In honor of Burger Week, we've surveyed local chefs all about burgers, and we've been sharing their responses throughout the week. To wrap it all up: Who serves the best burger accompaniments (fries, tater tots, onion rings, etc.) in town?

The Kirkland Tap & Trotter burger and fries
The Kirkland Tap & Trotter burger and fries
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

Matt Jennings burger week portrait "Mr. Bartley's, onion rings." —Matt Jennings, chef/owner of Townsman

Michael Schlow Burger Week portrait"It's a mixed bag. I think the onion rings at Tasty Burger are pretty terrific. I'm partial to the homemade fries at all of our places but otherwise would have to go with the fries at Eastern Standard." —Michael Schlow, chef/owner of Via Matta, Tico, and Alta Strada

David Verdo Burger Week portrait "The Kirkland Tap & Trotter." —David Verdo, executive chef at Chopps American Bar and Grill

Andy Husbands Burger Week portrait "Our BBQ fries rock, but I love Charlie's Kitchen in Cambridge with their fries." —Andy Husbands, chef/owner of Tremont 647 and Sister Sorel, author of Wicked Good Burgers

Ken Oringer burger week portrait "I have to say the onion 'rings' at Tasty Burger, which are actually more like onion strings. It's kind of a New England thing — you don't see them as often outside of the area — but Tasty Burger does them just right, plus I love the huge pile they serve." —Ken Oringer, co-owner of Toro, Coppa, and more

Michael Sutton burger week portrait"I’m sitting here thinking, and nobody’s sides really stand out to me. I think the best thing with a burger is a cold High Life, some salt and vinegar chips, and a few pickles." —Michael Sutton, chef de cuisine at M.C. Spiedo

Miles McAlpin burger week portrait "For burger accompaniments the best around is probably Russell House Tavern. Not only do they have a great burger (and usually a great secret burger of the day if you ask), but their fries are always well-seasoned, salted, and cooked. What makes the fries even better, and worth high praise, is dipping them in their garlic aioli. Lastly, personally, I am also a sucker for a side Caesar salad (even if my main course is a Caesar salad), and they have by far the best one in town." —Miles McAlpin, formerly marketing manager for Grillo's Pickles

Will Gilson burger week portrait "The best burger sides are at Starlite Lounge. I would put their fries up against any in town." —Will Gilson, chef/owner of Puritan & Co.

Tony Maws burger week portrait "I’m a big fan of the fried oyster on the Neptune Oyster burger." —Tony Maws, chef/owner of Craigie on Main and The Kirkland Tap & Trotter

Tom Woods burger week portrait "I'd have to say Tasty Burger does a great job with this. They have a number of creative toppings to satisfy just about any craving. I have to admit I'm also a sucker for their french fries and onion rings. Too good to resist during those late-night visits." —Tom Woods, executive chef at Blue Dragon

Sean McDonald burger week portrait"R.F.O’Sullivan & Son’s french fries in Somerville are some of the best fries in town. The thick, fresh, hand-cut fries speak for themselves and their condiments are really tasty. It is similar to the level of fry we make in-house at Tony C’s." —Sean McDonald, corporate executive chef at Tony C's Sports Bar & Grill

Greg Weinstock burger week portrait"Sausage gravy fries at Tasty Burger. Add some Sriracha to those, and it’s the perfect hangover cure." —Greg Weinstock, executive chef of Salvatore's Restaurants

Caleb Graber-Smith burger week portrait"I’m a firm believer that burgers should be served with fries. Onion rings, tater tots, chips, all that other stuff — sure, it’s great with a sandwich, but burgers belong with fries. As far as fries go, I’m partial to ours at The Gallows, and not just because I work here. We cut them fresh every day, blanch them at a lower temperature, and fry them crisp to order. Can’t beat simplicity." —Caleb Graber-Smith, head chef at The Gallows

Rodney Murillo burger week portrait"I really enjoy the fries at Grill 23. They are lightly seasoned with sea salt and gremolata, a chopped herb condiment made with lemon zest, garlic, and parsley. Delicious." —Rodney Murillo, culinary director at Davio's Northern Italian Steakhouse

Chris Coombs burger week portrait "Craigie on Main." —Chris Coombs, chef/owner of Boston Chops, Deuxave, and dbar

Carey Dobies burger week portrait"There's no side that can compete with a properly made burger...unless it's poutine. It’s hard to find a true poutine outside of Montreal. Time to step it up, Boston." —Carey Dobies, sous chef at BOKX 109 American Prime

Patrick Gilmartin burger week portrait"The fries at Strip-T's have got to be my favorite. The ideal size and crispiness for me." —Patrick Gilmartin, executive chef at River Bar

Matt Foley burger week portrait"I really like the accompaniments at Tasty Burger. Good fries, onion rings, and chicken nuggets." —Matt Foley, chef at The Merchant

Louis DiBiccari burger week portrait"UBurger has the best fries in the city." —Louis DiBicarri, chef/co-owner of Tavern Road

Michelle boland burger week portrait"Skip's Snack Bar [in Merrimac, MA]. They have house-made curly fries they call Suzie-Q's. They are the only things that matter on this planet." —Michelle Boland, pastry chef at Davio's Chestnut Hill

Stacy Cogswell burger week portrait"That's a hard question to answer. To me, a burger is all about the burger. Any accompaniments on the side are just filling." —Stacy Cogswell, chef at Liquid Art House

Adam Resnick burger week portrait"Highball with our tots! And otherwise, Bambara with their herb fries." —Adam Resnick, chef at Highball Lounge

Lola Sotomayor-Ellis burger week portrait"I think the best sides are at Harp & Bard. They offer really good tater tots, French fries, and onion rings to satisfy every palate." —Lola Sotomayor-Ellis, chef at Ester

Tim Wiechmann burger week portrait"The best fries are at Drink. Those things are special and perfectly executed!" —Tim Wiechmann, chef/owner of Bronwyn and T.W. Food

Patrick Campbelle burger week portrait"I love Sullivan’s in Southie. Their onion rings and fries are outrageous. Crinkle cut fries aren't something you see a lot, but I love them. Their rings are breaded and fried to order. Also, even though they aren't a hometown company, I think Shake Shack kills this food genre in every way possible. Exactly what you would expect from such a huge leader in the food and hospitality industry. Plus, their crinkle fries come with cheese sauce." —Patrick Campbell, executive chef at Cafe ArtScience

Michael Scelfo burger week portrait"To be honest, I don’t order a ton of burgers when I’m out to eat, but I really love the Duck Fat Fries at Shojo. [Co-owners] Brendan [Moy] and Brian [Moy] are good friends." —Michael Scelfo, chef/owner of Alden & Harlow

Ben Weisberger burger week portrait"I really like the shoestring fries at Eastern Standard." —Ben Weisberger, chef de cuisine at No. 9 Park

Jon Awerman burger week portrait"I love a good French fry! I can confidently say that the fries at Drink are exemplary and worth eating on their own or with our burger." —Jon Awerman, chef de cuisine at Drink

Donley Liburd burger week portrait"I really think our Pinwheel Fries at Cask 'N Flagon are hard to beat." —Donley Liburd, executive chef at Cask 'N Flagon

Jonathan Kopacz burger week portrait"R.F. O'Sullivan. Half and half." —Jonathan Kopacz, executive chef at Brass Union

Mark Sapienza burger week portrait"Five Guys makes great fries — fresh-cut, fried in peanut oil. With a little vinegar and extra salt, and you can hold the burger, I’m set." —Mark Sapienza, executive chef at The Langham, Boston

Jason Waddleton burger week portrait"The Druid onion rings are excellent." —Jason Waddleton, owner of The Haven

Matt Baker burger week portrait"To be honest, I don't focus on the accompaniments; I am more interested in the burger itself." —Matt Baker, chef of Coda Bar & Kitchen

Avi Shemtov burger week portrait"Roxy's truffle fries. Winner winner chicken dinner." —Avi Shemtov, chef/owner of The Chubby Chickpea

Jaime Suarez burger week portrait"Ruby Tuesday; love the onion strings." —Jaime Suarez, chef at Common Ground Arlington

Photos: Patrick Campbell by Wayne Chinnock; Patrick Gilmartin by Brian Samuels; Michael Scelfo by Kristin Teig; Tim Wiechmann by Eric Wolfinger; Stacy Cogswell by Chris Coe; Tony Maws and Chris Coombs by Rachel Leah Blumenthal.