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Sam Wolf and Nick Oldham IN at Josephine

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The restaurant is gearing up for a spring opening.

Nick Oldham (left) and Sam Wolf
Nick Oldham (left) and Sam Wolf

Josephine, a French restaurant opening this spring in the former Petit Robert space in Kenmore Square, is beefing up its staff. New to the team: Sam Wolf, formerly manager at Bistro du Midi, as general manager, as well as Nick Oldham, formerly sous chef at Eastern Standard, as chef de cuisine. As previously reported, Stefano Quaresima, formerly executive chef at the South End location of Petit Robert, will be executive chef. Owner Samuel Gosselin, a first-time restaurant owner, has a background in telecommunications and healthcare, plus a "lifelong passion and enthusiasm for wine and food."

As Gosselin previously told Eater, his restaurant will combine his "dining experiences over the last twenty years" — "casual" San Francisco vibe meets "edgy and modern" New York meets "modern" and "casual" Parisian restaurants. The food won't be "traditional" French — don't expect coq au vin. Instead, there will be a "twist" to everything, "because food is international, and [he's] bringing people in who will bring that kind of international flavor to a French menu."

Yesterday, Josephine won approval from the city to serve beer and wine.