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Burger Week 2015 Starts Right This Second

From April 13 to April 17, we'll be delving into Boston's burger obsession.

It's time once again for a special theme week on Eater Boston and throughout the rest of the Eater universe, a week when we get particularly obsessive over a specific delicious topic. From April 13 to April 17, we're going crazy about burgers. Join us.

What's Coming Up?

Maps of outrageous burgers, great vegetarian options, the best burger accompaniments, and more. Chefs' opinions on what makes a perfect burger — and what makes a burger fail completely. A deep look into the origins of some of the city's most popular burgers. Observations on burger pricing. Photo essays of burger-filled neighborhoods. So much more.

What Can You Do?

Eat lots of burgers. (Keep an eye out later today for a rundown of the special burgers some restaurants are offering in honor of Burger Week!) Tell us about them, and show us photos. If you haven't ventured over to our new forum yet, now's a great time to check it out. You can respond to existing threads (Which suburban burgers are totally worth the drive? What's your favorite Boston burger?) — and we'll be posting new ones throughout the week. And you can start your own threads as well — look for the maroon "create thread" button. (If we love your post, we may promote it to the front page of Eater Boston.) Tell us about the best burgers you've ever had, the long-lost ones you miss the most, your own awesome burger-making tips, or whatever else you'd like to share.

Stay Connected

To keep an eye on every little piece of burger information throughout the week, bookmark this Burger Week archive page — it'll all show up there. You can also follow along on Twitter and Facebook. Want to get in touch via email? Hit us up. And you can subscribe to the Eater Boston daily email newsletter for all the highlights.

Burger Week begins right now.