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Cupcakes and Comics, Together at Last

A Belchertown couple has taken to Kickstarter to open Emerald Knight Cupcakes & Comics, "a two in one store that offers a cupcake shop with a comic shop for the whole family."

Emerald Knight Cupcakes & Comics
Emerald Knight Cupcakes & Comics

"He's crazy about comics, she's crazy about cupcakes, and we are crazy about each other," write Joe and Katie Gardner on the page for their new Kickstarter campaign. "We want to open the first CUPCAKE AND COMIC shop in our town of Belchertown Massachusetts, but we need YOUR help!"

For the past few years, they have been selling cupcakes at events and through special orders under the moniker Hey Katie! Cupcakes and More, and they've been selling back-stock comics, memorabilia, and more on eBay, so they have "a lower overhead than most" in terms of start-up costs — they've already got parts of the equation up and running. Once they decided to find a permanent location for a cupcake shop, it made sense to bring in Joe's comic passion as well. "Everyone loves comics and everyone loves cupcakes," they write. "I bet you love both!"

The duo is looking to raise $17,000 by June 8, and Kickstarter backers will earn rewards like cookie dough bites, fudge, graphic novels, t-shirts, and more.