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Could Griddler's Be on the Way to Davis Square?

Signs point to a strong maybe.

Griddlers Burgers and Dogs Back Bay
Griddlers Burgers and Dogs Back Bay
Photo courtesy of Boston Nightlife Ventures

A Davis Square Chinese food spot shuttered back in the fall, and it seems plausible that a Griddler's Burgers and Dogs could be on its way to the former Dragon Garden storefront at 261 Elm St. The windows there are covered with Boston Nightlife Ventures-branded paper, which is the company that owns the growing burger chain. BNV president Euz Azevedo tweeted a photo on Thursday:

Established in Beacon Hill in 2011, Griddler's has long planned to expand in the Boston area. Azevedo told Eater in 2013 that he has three more locations in mind. A second location opened up in Back Bay last month, with an updated menu, logo, and design; a press release called it a "prototype" for future Griddler's restaurants.

Griddler's, as one might imagine, focuses on burgers and hot dogs. It offers chicken, turkey, and vegetarian patty substitutes, and a variety of toppings and specialty burgers. Griddler's Chowder Dog, topped with clam chowder and fried clam strips, could only exist in Boston. The menu also features a colorful bounty of milkshake flavors, including Froot Loops, Snickers, and hazelnut banana.

BNV also owns The Tap Trailhouse, Wink & Nod, and the recently-closed Forum. The new project could be something entirely different, but Griddler's seems to make sense. Know more about it? Hit up the tipline.

Griddler's Burgers & Dogs

134 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116 (857) 265-2054