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Kindred Tea & Tonic Cafe Closed 'Until Further Notice'

The Davis Square cafe opened in December.

Kindred Tea & Tonic CafeKindred Tea & Tonic Cafe (11 Holland St.) has closed, at least for now, reports Ron Newman in the Davis Square LiveJournal community. First announced in July 2012, the cafe didn't open its doors until early December 2014. Kindred served teas, baked goods, and other snacks, and it offered retail items like bottled syrups and shrubs, loose teas, and tea accessories.

"Kindred has suspended operation until further notice," states a note on the cafe's website. "We are seeking investors and support to continue our mission. If you would like to join a mailing list we will contact you with updates on our progress. If you are our fairy godmother please email us at Thank you for all the support you have given us these past few months. These winter storms have been brutal to all businesses, not just us. Please support your local businesses as much as you can!"

Owner Carla DeLellis also owns Johnny D's, the longtime restaurant, bar, and live music venue next door.

[Photo: Official Site]