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NOODLE Wants to Bring 'Adventurous' Asian Cuisine to Boston, But First, Kakigori

A newly-launched Kickstarter campaign will support the launch of a Japanese shaved ice stand this summer and ultimately an Asian-inspired pop-up restaurant.

Kimberly Scott with her kakigori machine
Kimberly Scott with her kakigori machine
Liz McBride

A restaurant concept called NOODLE debuted on Kickstarter this week, already snapping up $2,701 out of the $5,000 goal. "The cuisine of NOODLE is eclectic Asian comfort food, served with an elevated wine and beer program designed to complement and engage it," writes owner Kimberly Scott on the Kickstarter page, which also includes a very theatrical video. "We relish the opportunity to play with, create, and share these diverse, beautiful flavors."

The future restaurant will have "classic Asian comfort food dishes, along with a cross-section of more adventurous options." Think banh mi, soup dumplings, ramen, papaya salad, and grilled chicken hearts. (Also, orange wine and aged sour beers on the beverage side.) "What draws me to these diverse cuisines is their bottomless reservoir of umami," she writes, "and I can't wait to share that bounty with you."

As a prelude, Scott plans to launch a kakigori (Japanese shaved ice) stand at the Somerville Flea in Davis Square this summer. ("Or if you prefer the dirty S-word terminology, 'snow cones,'" she notes in the video, shuddering.)

The Kickstarter is aimed at getting the kakigori stand operational and ultimately launching NOODLE as a pop-up around the Boston area. The to-do list includes incorporating, getting certified kitchen space, acquiring the right equipment, and so on. The crowdfunding campaign is open until April 1.