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The Next Addition to the Boston Juice Scene Will Be a Mini Bus

The Boston ProJuice "shuttle" launches next month.

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This will soon be Boston ProJuice.
This will soon be Boston ProJuice.

Boston ProJuice, the latest addition to Boston's food truck and juice scenes, plans to launch next month. (It'll be a mini bus, not exactly a truck.) According to a Craigslist job posting, Boston ProJuice will serve "fresh pressed juices and blended produce beverages," as well as "healthy organic snacks." (Think homemade granola bars and dehydrated fruit and veggie chips.)

The ProJuice Twitter account notes that the bus has secured locations in Chinatown, at BU, in the Financial District, and in Copley Square, depending on the day. Owner Paul Cunningham also wants to find spots in Cambridge and Somerville and vend at farmers' markets and various events, even offering a "juice-your-own" service for people who don't have the equipment at home or just don't want to deal with cleaning up.

Cunningham is a Boston native, former personal trainer and service industry veteran, picky eater, and owner of a jacket and hoodie with enough pockets to hide lots of items of fruit. He plans to donate time and resources to bringing his juice to schools and community centers, according to the ProJuice promo video.

"The vegetables and fruits that I don't eat normally, because I don't like the smell, taste, or texture — I juice them and blend them with the ones I do like," he says.