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Japonaise Bakery & Cafe Temporarily Closes in Porter

An equipment issue is to blame.

Japonaise Bakery & Cafe in Brookline
Japonaise Bakery & Cafe in Brookline

The Porter Square location of Japonaise Bakery & Cafe is shuttered, reports the blog Japanese-American in Boston, noting that the business' bread machine broke. The bakery's other location in Brookline also lacked bread over the weekend, according to an update by the blog's author, Keiko.

Owner and self-taught pastry chef Hiroko Sakan opened the first Japonaise Bakery & Cafe in Newton more than 20 years ago, and though that location no longer exists, the company now operates a shop at 1020 Beacon St. in Brookline as well as the Porter Square store. The latter is located inside a Japanese-centric mini-mall, the Porter Exchange, at 1815 Massachusetts Ave. When Keiko asked an employee in Brookline if the Porter Square closure is permanent, the person answered that she did not know yet.

In mid-2013, an Allston location closed, merging into the existing Brookline outpost.

While Japonaise Bakery's website doesn't share the information, Keiko notes the company is hiring for all positions, according to a sign hanging in the Brookline cafe.

Japonaise Bakery

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