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Beard Papa's Is Coming to Fill Your World With Cream Puffs

Cream-filled pastries arrive in Chinatown next month.

Official Site

Beard Papa's, a Japan-based bakery chain that launched in 1999 and now spans 15 countries, declares itself to be the purveyor of the "world's best cream puffs." Locals will be able to judge for themselves when its first Boston location opens in Chinatown (31 Harrison Ave., Unit A) in April, according to a new Craigslist job posting seeking "bakery associates."

On the menu: cream puffs in many flavors, as well as other assorted filled pastries.

UPDATE: A few readers have noted that there used to be a Beard Papa's in Quincy Market, but it no longer exists, so the Chinatown location won't exactly be the first in town.

Beard Papa's (Chinatown)

31 Harrison Ave Ste A, Boston, MA 02111 Visit Website