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Rosie's Bakery Unexpectedly Closes Inman Square Cafe

Locations of the business remain in Chestnut Hill and South Station.

Rosie's Bakery in Inman Square
Rosie's Bakery in Inman Square

Citing their supplier going under, Rosie's Bakery owners Judy Rosenberg and Eliot Winograd announced the closure of their Inman Square cafe with a sign on the door on Saturday.

A tipster shared the bad news with Universal Hub that day, and the blog reports the note was from the Chestnut Hill location. But calls to that bakery and the South Station branch were both answered by employees, who say the closure just affects the Cambridge location. The answering machine at the Inman Square cafe confirms that location is no more. A call to Rosie's business office was picked up by an answering machine, which says nothing about a closure. The Boston Herald also misreports that all Rosie's Bakeries have closed.

In the note, the business owners say shuttering is beyond their control. "The wonderful supply kitchen that has baked our original recipes for years has gone out of business unexpectedly, putting us in an impossible situation," the note reads. Other suppliers were cost-prohibitive, the owners add.

Started by Rosenberg 38 years ago, the owners of Rosie's say they have served generations of families.

Rosie's Bakery

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