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Salts Still Hasn't Reopened But Wants to Find a New Space

The restaurant suffered heavy water damage over a year ago and has been closed since.

Cal Bingham for Eater

Salts, an upscale French-inspired restaurant located on MIT property in Cambridge, has been closed since January 2014 due to major water damage, but owners Gabriel Bremer and Analia Verolo are now hoping to find a new location, reports Boston Restaurant Talk, citing minutes from a January 2015 licensing hearing regarding the continuation of their inactive wine and malt license.

Bremer told the board that MIT strung them along for almost a year while they awaited renovations, and then recently, MIT changed its mind and decided not to renovate or have a restaurant in that spot anymore. "So now we're in shock and limbo trying to figure out [how] to move forward," Bremer said to the board. "Looking for space and seeing when that may be."

The board granted Bremer a six-month continuation of the wine and malt license to start, requesting that he update them if he still hasn't found a space in that amount of time.

Salts Restaurant

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