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Brandon Arms IN at Club Passim as Executive Chef

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The Garden at the Cellar alum will serve "globally-inspired New American cuisine" at the Harvard Square venue.

Brandon Arms
Brandon Arms
Club Passim

Longtime vegetarian pizza purveyor Veggie Planet closed up shop at legendary folk venue Club Passim in August, citing reduced seating capacity and no turnover in the concert room as reasons that it wasn't sustainable to continue operations.

While the club initially intended to resume food operations quickly, they've been renovating the kitchen since then and have just announced that Garden at the Cellar and Clio alum Brandon Arms will be taking the reins. The Kitchen at Club Passim, as it will be called, will open this spring — possibly as early as late March.

Arms' menu will focus on "globally-inspired New American cuisine," according to a press release, which teases a few dishes like country-ham wrapped dates, butter-poached lobster, and Southern fried chicken.

Passim's executive director, Dan Hogan, says via the release that the new "culinary direction" will allow for "increased programming," including the addition of breakfast. To start, it'll be open for lunch from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. every day, and those attending concerts can get dinner starting one hour before show time.

Veggie Planet

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