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Hyde Square Residents Want 'Delightful' Brunch and 'Awesome' Beer on Centre Street

A few Jamaica Plain residents share their desires for the space housing the recently-shuttered Centre Street Sanctuary.

Centre Street Sanctuary
Centre Street Sanctuary

In response to last week's article about a mysterious Jamaica Plain restaurant group (Tres Gatos/Centre Street Cafe, perhaps?) suddenly having the opportunity to open a new concept in a mystery spot in the neighborhood (the recently shuttered Centre Street Sanctuary space, maybe?), a few residents wrote in to share what they'd like to see in the Sanctuary space.

Gretchen Van Ness, a resident of Jamaica Plain since 1990 (and more specifically right in Centre Street Sanctuary's neighborhood, Hyde Square, since 2005), writes:

"Not another Tres Gatos or revisioned Centre Street Cafe, please!! Most of JP can't afford those restaurants. Let's try to find the right reasonably-priced menu that works for Hyde Square, not just Pondside.  How about a real family restaurant/pub with good basic Italian food, like Tavolo in Dorchester, or good food and drinks along the lines of Parish Cafe on Mass Ave, or Birch Street Bistro in Roslindale?  Closer to home, James Gate, Bella Luna, and the new Dogwoods offer good models. Sanctuary did brunch very well, so I hope that continues."

Another nearby resident who requested to remain anonymous writes:

"I would love to see some kind of 'destination' eating spot. Something that features a food (or food type) that you can only get by going to this destination. (Ula has its popovers, Oriental de Cuba has its Cuban sandwiches, The Haven has its Scottish food, Tres Gatos is the tapas place in JP...) Although I love dinner, I also feel like there is still a dearth in JP for amazing places to have brunch. The space has windows and light — it seems like it would make a delightful place to have brunch. You'd probably get some kind of run-off from Sorella's on weekends. Before I even lived in JP, I remember arriving at Sorella's, being told of some outrageous wait, and walking around the neighborhood while we waited. It's how we found our house! I imagine you could easily get some customers, just looking around for a shorter wait, and then keep them (assuming you had something special). I think there is enough room in this neighborhood for two brunch spots, serving slightly different niches."

And another nearby resident who requested anonymity writes:

"We are a family of four. Lives so close to space. We'd be there once a week if we loved it. We liked Sanctuary but it was heavy on the meat and not enough non-meat, veggie, interesting options. We are not vegetarians but like options. We eat a lot of spice too so something ethnically inspired would suit us. Please no Irish pubs. Keep the awesome beer selection and desserts. Anxiously awaiting a new space, and not surprised he didn't make it as nice as he was. It didn't seem to wow anyone."

Would you like to share your thoughts about the fate of the space at 365 Centre St.? Send them to the tipline.

Centre Street Sanctuary

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