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Pilones Coming to Eastie As Damelio's Off The Boat Ships Up to Revere

D'Amelio's Off The Boat wants to transfer its liquor license.

306 Revere St., Revere
306 Revere St., Revere
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D'Amelio's Off The Boat is moving from East Boston to Revere, Boston Restaurant Talk reported yesterday, and the seafood spot's new location could be open by April 10, according to a post on Facebook. It is moving into 306 Revere St., vacated in 2012 by Maggio's, according to BRT.

Joseph and Antonietta D’Amelio have been in the restaurant business since the late 1980s, operating first in the North End. In 2007, they purchased a former take-out spot at 26 Porter St. in Eastie and created D'Amelio's Off The Boat. The forthcoming Revere location has been under construction for at least a year.

Tomorrow night, the Boston Licensing Board will hear the company's petition to transfer its existing liquor license to a new establishment at 28 Porter St., East Boston, called Pilones, under management of Gildardo Preciado.