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Veggie Planet Still Wants to Reopen Somewhere New

The vegetarian restaurant had to turn down a Davis Square opportunity and is now working on lining up investors in order to jump on the right opportunity in the future.

Veggie Planet
Veggie Planet

Veggie Planet, a vegetarian pizza-focused restaurant inside of Club Passim, closed back in August but announced hopes to find new owners who would resurrect the concept elsewhere. A customer showed serious interest, and in October, the restaurant surveyed its fans to gauge enthusiasm for possible locations. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the majority wanted the restaurant to return to Harvard Square, while Davis Square came in second place.

Today, the restaurant updated its Facebook fans with a note on its progress:

"We were very close to signing a lease on a location in Davis Square, but ultimately the full investment to open a restaurant in the specific space we were looking at was just a little more than we could afford. We've taken a step back, are trying to get all of our ducks in a row (including lining up all potential investors), and will begin our location search anew when we feel we're ready to jump at any opportunities. We still hope to make this happen, so keep following us for future updates."

Meanwhile, Garden at the Cellar alum Brandon Arms is taking over culinary operations at Club Passim, launching a "globally-inspired New American" menu this spring.