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Sonic to Expand Massachusetts' Waistline With 36 New Locations

The drive-in chain wants to get up to about 40 locations in the state over the next five years.

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Oklahoma City-based fast-food chain Sonic currently has four Massachusetts outposts (Lawrence, Peabody, Stoughton, Wilmington) — but over the next five years, the company wants to bring that number up to around 40, reports the Boston Business Journal, adding another heaping pile of bacon-topped beef to the local burger boom.

The drive-in chain, in addition to burgers and hot dogs, features items like milkshakes that will wipe out your entire recommended caloric intake for the day, terrifyingly bright slushes that are filled with candy, and cheese fries (or tots), which, judging by this picture, means a plate of fries with a single slice of American cheese somewhat melted on top. Also on the menu: apple slices.

Sonic has over 3,500 locations these days, and New England franchises, which started popping up around 2006, have introduced indoor dining options, according to the Journal.