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Roslindale Tapped for Future Craft Beer Cellar, Plus a New Eatery

Both ventures aim to open inside a historic substation late in 2015.

Rendering: The Peregrine Group, Inc./Roslindale Village Main Street

The owners of a historic street car substation, located at the corner of Cummins Highway and Washington Street in Roslindale, have signed a letter of intent with two locals to open a franchise of Craft Beer Cellar there. In related news, the rumor that Chris Douglass (Ashmont Grill, Travolo) could open a new eatery in the building has proven true: The chef and restaurateur has signed a lease with the ownership group. Roslindale Village Main Street reports that both businesses anticipate a winter 2015 opening.

Universal Hub says the forthcoming Craft Beer Cellar is the first retail venture for Bryan Reeves and Marty Alvares-Reeves. The franchise's opening hinges on licensing approval from the City of Boston. The Roslindale location will be the first Boston proper Craft Beer Cellar; the shop currently exists locally in Belmont, Braintree, Newton, and Winchester.

The Newton branch is currently closed, because Craft Beer Cellar is relocating to a larger space in that town. Last night, owner Brian Shaw took questions from Newton patrons during a meet-and-greet at Brewers Coalition. While any concrete answers have yet to be shared with the wider community, CBC Newton posted recently on Facebook that a mid-March reopening is planned.

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