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Ria Cafe Will Bring Gelato to West Roxbury on April 25

The "European gelato cafe" has scheduled its grand opening.

Ria Cafe
Ria Cafe

Ria Cafe will grandly open on April 25 at 5 Bellevue St. in West Roxbury, featuring gelato, European-style pastries, and Lavazza coffee and espresso drinks, according to the websiteOwner Pamela Bardhi promises "an unparalleled dessert experience" thanks to partnerships with "the finest bakeries and master chocolatiers."

At the Taste of West Roxbury event back in May, she provided a gelato sneak peek: champagne-dipped strawberries with chocolate shavings, mint straciatella, Nutella, and lemon sorbetto.

Bardhi's family owns West Napoli Cafe, a pizza and sandwich shop adjacent to Ria, Universal Hub noted back in November.