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Cafe Quattro Takes to Kickstarter to Support Reopening in the South End

The former Beacon Hill restaurant is finally rebounding from its "heartbreaking" 2012 closure.

Cafe Quattro, under construction in November 2014.
Cafe Quattro, under construction in November 2014.

Cafe Quattro, a Beacon Hill restaurant that was open from 2005 to 2012, is in the process of being reborn in the South End, as previously reported — but now the upcoming restaurant is hoping to get some support to the tune of $20,000 via crowdfunding. The money will go towards moving in and installing equipment and purchasing some additional equipment, according to the Kickstarter page. The campaign ends on March 31.

The "Italian cafe with the Boston accent" specialized in thin-crust pizza, sandwiches, and espresso. The 2012 closure was sudden and "heartbreaking," caused by "new absentee landlords" (an out-of-state corporation) striking a "backdoor deal with a large food and beverage establishment" nearby. "We were only given thirty days to vacate the premises without prior notice," the team writes on Kickstarter. "Jobs were lost, a dream appeared crushed and the future of Cafe Quattro was uncertain."

But now, they've found a new space — 817 Harrison Ave., which is at the corner of East Springfield Street. The "original crew" is back "with a new inspiration and desire to bring back [their] classics and introduce some great new dishes."