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RISE, Boston's Only After-Hours Club, Will Close in April

RISE truly filled a niche in the Hub.

Without serving a drop of alcohol during its 16-year run, RISE operated as the only place in Boston to go dancing into the wee hours of the morning. But its time has ended. Owner Tom Beaulieu announced on Facebook last week that the club will close at the end of April.

RISE survived early money problems and its founding owners moving to Brooklyn, and it even hung around after its lease expired. But, Beaulieu says RISE has spent the past few years "on borrowed time."

"It wasn’t easy in the least, but ... the entire RISE staff [is] very proud of what we delivered each week," Beaulieu posted on Facebook.

Before the club shutters at the end of April, RISE has goodbye parties planned for every Friday and Saturday night, so go pay your respects on the dancefloor.


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