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Boston Cheese Cellar to Close at the End of February

This stinks.

Sad news for lovers of cheese (so, everyone, right?): Boston Cheese Cellar plans to shutter at the end of this month.

The Roslindale shop — which Universal Hub notes is the neighborhood's only cheese shop — opened in December 2006. Announcing the closure in a heartfelt eulogy of sorts, cheesemonger Stephanie Beale said the staff has loved getting to know the Roslindale community and "you can bet we know which cheeses are your favorites!"

Owners Kathy Lacher and John Pierce do not give a reason for the closure but add in their newsletter to customers that they would love the see the shop continue on without them. If you're interested in mongering cheese, contact the business owners at 617-325-2500 or

In the meantime, there's still time to cheese it up in Roslindale. Boston Cheese Cellar has several special sales planned, including one that highlights staff favorites. The big cheese is the final event, a fondue tasting on February 28.

Boston Cheese Cellar

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