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Ocean Prime Brings More Pricey Steaks to the Seaport Next Winter

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The national chain is coming to Northern Avenue.

Ocean Prime, Beverly Hills
Ocean Prime, Beverly Hills
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A new addition to the winter openings roster — but for next year: Ocean Prime is slated to open next winter at 100 Pier 4 (142 Northern Ave.) in the Seaport District, according to a press release received today, further boosting the number of pricey steak options in the neighborhood. Part of the Cameron Mitchell Restaurants group, Ocean Prime has eleven locations around the country, with a New York City outpost on the way for fall 2015, followed by the Boston location. The first Ocean Prime, dubbed Mitchell's Ocean Club, opened in Columbus, Ohio back in 2006.

The growing chain specializes in steak and seafood in a "supper club" atmosphere, according to the release, which promises "timeless elegance," "warm woods," and "captivating lighting." While the menu and pricing varies from location to location, a peek at the Philadelphia offerings reveals steaks starting at $40 and an assortment of expensive "supper club sides," from $8 stir-fried snap peas up to $19 lobster mashed potatoes.

The upcoming Boston location will measure nearly 11,000 square feet, seating around 150 diners in the main dining room. There will also be three private dining rooms for gatherings of 12 to 50 people.

Ocean Prime will be open for weekday lunches, targeting the business crowd, as well as dinner seven nights a week.