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Bears Brewing Co. Offers Absurd Prizes on Kickstarter

Cheers, Bears.

Bears Brewing Co.
Bears Brewing Co.

A fledgling Kickstarter campaign for a new South Shore brewery surfaced recently, Bears Brewing Co. in Kingston.

Founder Alex Johnson aims to raise $50,000, but the project has only netted $6 from two backers so far. So, why cover it? A legitimate question to ask. But the answer is also pretty legit: Today's snowy landscape evokes daydreams about future beach days, thoughts that can only improve with a new bayside brewery. Johnson even names a location.

Plus, the incentives are goofy and, if true, kinda awesome. Behold: For just a $2 donation, you can negotiate "a public shock value stunt" for Johnson and his partners to do. Ten dollars will get you not only a brewery tour, but also a free haircut at the end(?!) Prizes for higher donations include a bike, a fully functioning washing machine, and other sundry pleasures. One hopes not too many people pledge $10,000 or more, because that amount will earn you lifetime tenancy in the brewery.

For real, bro? We reached out to Johnson through the crowdfunding site and will keep you posted. The project has until February 20 to reach its goal.